About Alumex


Our company has always been at the foreground against firms operating in Aluminum Profile Sector, thanks to its quality service understanding.

Under the guidance of the ISO 9001:2000 quality system standards, we check quality control in all units from production to transportation and aim at customer satisfaction and continuity with our experienced team. 

Our firm sells aluminium profiles of more than 10.000 molds, and it has been able to catch up with developments by following technology closely and it has proven itself to be a sensitive firm about timely delivery of orders with customer satisfaction.

Besides its many products, such as window and door systems, curtain wall systems, office partition systems, balcony glazing systems, handrail systems, industrial profiles, furniture profiles, inner decoration profiles, fair stalls, direction signs, our firm can provide special products upon our customers’ request on the basis of project with its experienced team.

Following foreign marketing network closely, our firm has been able to secure its market share, thanks to the exportation. We do business in Eastern & Western Europe, North Africa, Midddle East & Middle Asia.

Our firm, succeeding in keeping the quality at aluminum surface process at the highest level, delivers the profiles with vairous surface and mechanical treatment and packaging in accordance with clients’ request.

We have always been flexible about price and sales policy and have been able to solve our customers problems regarding the issue.

Dear Customers;

If you desire a deep-seated relation, solutions bringing continuity, and a high quality service, please visit us. We are waiting for you with our rich varieties of products and boundless services.

With respect,


Aluminium products supplied by our company:

  • Aluminium Window and Door Systems
  • Aluminium Sliding Window and Door Systems
  • Aluminium Curtain Wall Systems
  • Structural Systems for ACP
  • Skylight Systems
  • Sun Breaking Systems
  • Solar Energy Profiles
  • Office Partition Systems
  • Winter Garden Profiles
  • Balcony Glazing Systems
  • Handrail System Profiles and Acccessories
  • Shutter Systems
  • Inner Decoration Profiles
  • Tile and Ceramic Cover Profiles
  • Aluminum Baseboard and Step Profiles
  • Carpet and Laminated Parquet Profiles
  • Dilitation Profiles
  • Profiles for Fair Stall and Banks
  • Sigma and Conveyor Profiles
  • Standard Profiles
  • Special Profiles in Accordance with Clients’ Requests
  • Aluminium Composite Panels
  • Aluminium Sheets

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